So what will knowledge of foreign languages give you?

It’s very simple – knowing foreign languages and translating urdu to english will multiply the return on your life, no matter what you do. Even the most mundane things for you will sparkle with new colors, because you will discover previously inaccessible ways to interact with the world.

Holidays abroad will become more pleasant and much more interesting if you feel confident when communicating with the locals. You will be able to make new interesting friends from all over the world. You will be able to enjoy the original performance of the actors in the film, and not the “creativity” of the translator, who could not convey the whole meaning of the next joke. You will be able to work much more efficiently, because. you will have a much larger number of sources of important and unique information at your disposal.

The most interesting thing is that knowledge of languages will help you not only solve your current problems, but also discover many new opportunities that you don’t even know exist.

Fifth-graders discuss the meanings of difficult words during a Common Core-inspired reading lesson.

How about these options:

Do you like to relax abroad, but the “format” vacation has already set your teeth on edge? It doesn’t matter – you can meet a foreigner you like on a social network, make friends with him, and then go to visit him! Or invite him to your place :-).

Career growth is very slow, despite the outstanding knowledge of the language and translate arabic to english? What are the problems – you can find a new job in a foreign company or open your own business with the involvement of foreign partners.

Or maybe it’s worth going abroad for permanent residence?

Such ideas may seem too bold to you, but when you start learning languages, you will realize that the boundaries separating you from such things are much more transparent than it seems now.