Rest in Batumi: what tourists need to know

What does a tourist who is going on vacation in Batumi need? Maybe https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-spanish? Especially for you, we have collected some of the most interesting and useful facts, the knowledge of which will help you spend your trip in the most pleasant way!

You can’t kiss
Oddly enough, but kissing on the streets of Batumi is punishable by law – a fine of 50 GEL. Here it is considered a sign of bad taste.

You can’t eat Adjarian khachapuri just like that. Not only do they stand out for their huge size, but you also need to drink them exclusively with chacha (lemon) or wine (dry). This is the only way to behave in restaurants.

Vox Restaurant
This is the most prestigious and most expensive restaurant in all of Batumi. Sitting in it, you can see the whole city, as it is located in one of the skyscrapers, on the 23rd floor. It would not be superfluous to order only one dish for two, because portions in local cafes are very plentiful.

Those who like to wander around the markets should definitely buy branded Georgian spices, because they are valued by many eminent chefs.

It is made from walnuts (whole). This delicacy is sold at the Central Market. In addition, Joseph Stalin loved him more than other goodies.

Adjarian wine house
It is here that the most famous wines of sunny Georgia are bottled, and you can also taste them – a whole with https://lingvanex.com/translation/english-to-hindi hall has been allocated for this. The highlight of this wine is that it is made from the Chkhaveri grape, which grows exclusively in these places. Moreover, it is not sold abroad – all the prepared wine is consumed only in Georgia.

This 70-degree moonshine is a great option for lovers of strong drinks. It is brewed from grapes, after which it is infused with fruits, coffee beans or lemons.

Attractions in Batumi
Oddly enough, but children ride them for free – Georgians love kids very much. There is also no negative attitude towards tourists.

Only mineral! Nabeglavi, Likani and Borjomi are the most famous mineral waters with excellent taste.

The shops
Tourists who prefer to cook on their own will be pleasantly surprised by the cost of vegetables and fruits in local stores.

There is no rubbish in there. Everything is very beautiful and cultural, so a holiday in Batumi with children will be unforgettable. And there are no paid beaches in the city either.

Renting this two-wheeled transport is very popular, not only among tourists, but also among local residents. A lot of rental points are located on Primorsky Boulevard.

As for hotels, the prices here are quite reasonable, you can stay in the following – Divan Suites Batumi, Piazza Boutique Hotel, Piazza Inn and others.